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Frequently Asked Questions from our customers


Who is the company behind License Optimizer?

License Optimizer has been created by Everit Kft., a software company located in Hungary.

What support the vendor provides?

We have an SLA in place for our apps with support team of 2-3 people.

How many and what kind of customers have purchased License Optimizer?

We have 30-50 customers currently that purchased our LO app. These customers are from various regions (EMEA, APAC, Americas). Our clients are mostly involved in software development or IT, but there are also some from the retail, telecommunications, finance or education industries.

Our customers have purchased our product for varoius user tiers from 50 user to 10,000 Data Center user license.

Can I make sure that the admin has access all the time?

Yes, by adding multiple groups in the global permissions menu.

Example: Set up two groups in the global permissions menu: admins, users. Set up License Optimizer to manipulate Confluence access and set the access group to users. License optimizer will only manipulate the users group, which means the users who are added to the admins group will have access constantly. In that case, the admins shouldn’t be added to the users group as they already have a fixed space.

Can License Optimizer work with LDAP directory?

Yes, with the correct permission settings. You can read more about it under the LDAP user group settings.

How many more users can we add above our current license tier?

It depends on the company processes. How often do your users use Confluence? Do they just check it several times a day/week for a short time or do they need it constantly?
You can find out more information about your Confluence usage with our License Monitoring application.
Nevertheless, we don’t recommend exceeding your current license tier by more than 50% (10 user tier → 15 users, 100 user tier → 150 users, etc.). Above that percentage, you may also need to adjust your Threshold setting.

What happens if the application revokes my access?

If License Optimizer revokes your access you will receive a notification flag at the top right side of your Jira:

Of course, even without access, you can still read everything that you already opened, the revoke access won’t navigate you to another page.

By pressing the “Refresh Access” page two outcome can happen:

  • If there is a free slot in your Confluence, or there is another inactive user, License Optimizer will grant you application access again and you can continue your work. This happens without even a page reload, the flag will disappear and you won’t notice anything else.

  • If there is no free slot, nor inactive user, you will be redirected to an access revoke page:


Was the application subject to stress/load testing?

Our license optimizer is approved by Atlassian for the Data Center, which requires us to run and submit various scale and performance tests on very large instances.

Is it working with Jira or Confluence mobile?

Yes, License Optimizer is working with the applications mobile view in the browsers. However, users will not receive a LO notification about license withdrawal, only an error message.