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We introduced a new analytics page in the latest versions. You can reach this new page by:

  • Application → Licence Optimizer → Analytics

This new analytics option will provide more info about the current and prevorious state of the user management by LO. This can help the users to understand and review how and when the LO manage application acces. It will also display errors or unsuccessful events, that can help identify issues and can be provided us, the vendors to identify background to some problems.

Current state

In this table, you will be able to review the following:

  • Application: The configured application.

  • Access group: The configured access group for the application.

  • LO Group max size: Maximum seats that can be used in the access group.

  • LO Group actual users: Used seats in the access group currently.

  • LO Cache size: The number of users stored in the application cache. (These users are currently managed by LO. This should be the same as the “LO Group actual users” if everything operates correctly.)

  • LO Cache inactive: The number of inactive users stored in the application cache. (These users are not active anymore and will be removed if necessary based on the configured treshold.)

Latest analytics logs

In this section, the LO analytics will display each major event or error regarding the LO user managment.

You can expand each row to get the actual state when that event happened.

This can be also exported to a JSON file which can be further analyzed or provided to us, vendors in a supportticket in case of a problem.