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Migrating to Data Center

How can I migrate the app from Server to Data Center?

Since migrating from Jira Server to Data Center usually only resulting in a license change, every app data will be in place and you do not need to migrate any app data. Please check the Atlassian Server to Data Center migration guide:

Since our app Server and Data Center is actually the same plugin (installable binary), and the only difference is the license type, there will be no changes regarding the app data or behavoir as well.

Is there anything I should check before migration?

Check if your installed apps are available for Data Center and upgrade them to the Data Center version.

You also have a Data Center license in place for the apps.

What if I migrate to a new Jira instance?

If you are creating a new physical Data Center instance and you wish to migrate your data from one instance to another:

  • Our ap using the Jira database to store every data, so everything will be in place after a system backup.

  • In theory, with a system backup and restore, every app database tables (AO tables) will be migrated as well, so the additional app informations will be in place as well. (Please note, that there were known issues with this method in the past.)