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Group Mapping

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For each installed Jira application (Jira Service Management, Jira Software and Jira Core), there is a group mapping option.

The License Optimizer will manipulate the application access for the services where the login and access groups have been set.

In the application list, you will see only the applications for which you have a license.

Group settings

For the proper functionality, License Optimizer requires you to set up login and access groups for your applications.

Please note, all of the login and access groups should be unique, and set to only one application for the most efficient user handling.


Login Group

License Optimizer needs to know which group members it can grant access to the application and will be under optimization. This is usually the group providing application access by default: jira-servicedesk-users, jira-software-users, jira-core-users. (You can use these default groups or could also create a new one for this purpose.)

You should configure these groups as “login group(s)” for the License Optimzier app. These groups can be read-only groups, since the optimizer doesn't make any changes to that group, it is only using it to determine if a user should have access or not. The size of this group can be bigger than your purchased license tier, since the app will rotate the access of these users based on their activity, thus optimizing your license.

Access Group

Jira will treat users as licensed users and provide access to them when they are members of the configured groups that are assigned to the application you installed on the Application access page. We recommend creating a new group for this, since the selected group here will be manipulated in real-time by License Optimizer and it will remove from or add users to it. This group should be readable and writable.

If you are using LDAP or Active Directory, read the following:

After you created this special group, open the Application Access page and add the group to the application you want to optimize licenses for. (You can also check the default box.) We highly recommend to give administrator group(s) application access so they can log in to the Application anytime regardless the License Optmizer.

Now you should configure these group(s) as “access group(s)” in the License Optimizer, so the app can provide them application access. You can only select one of the groups which have been added to the Application access menu, and in the access group picker, only groups that have been added to the application menu will be listed. Multi-access groups (eg. have acces to Jira Software and Jira Service Management) are also not visible in the access group dropdown.

The size of this group is calculated by this formula: “your current license tier” - “the size of the groups that are also added in the application access menu for the chosen application”.

Access Limit

With the access limit option, you can set the number of users after which the application should start optimizing, as if it were the maximum number of seats based on the applied license. This can be helpful in some cases, e.g. testing out the app.

  • If empty, the app will starts to optimize after the maximum number of users allowed by the license tier has been reached.

  • If set, then the app treats the provided number as if it were the maximum number of seats that can be assigned (instead of the user tier of the applied license) and starts optimizing users after reaching the value. IMPORTANT: The limit must be less than or equal to the user tier by the currently applied license.

Removing Application Access from the old group(s)

After you started it and License Optimizer is running without any issue, the only thing left to do now is to remove application access from the groups that are not configured as “access group(s)”.