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Limitations / Known Issues

User selection in mentioning, restrictions, permissions

Confluence works differently than Jira in the case of licensed or not licensed users. Confluence itself restricts some functionality for unlicensed users, and there is no known workaround for this currently.

Licence Optimizer for Confluence should be configured as the Access group is added to the “Licensed users” Global Permission in Confluence administrator settings with “can use” enabled. This is the most basic permission that allows users to log in to this Confluence site. Users with this permission contribute to your licensed users count.

The problem is, that users that do not belong to any "can-use" permission are “invisible” for Confluence and some features that work with users are not available.

Some features are:

  • restricting space or page

  • mention a user

  • select in macro

  • etc.

From 1.5.0 version, users who do not have a license can still be searched and added in the following cases:

  • space permission configuration,

  • page restriction configuration,

  • page/space watcher selection.

From 1.6.0 version, users who do not have a license can still be searched and added in the following cases:

  • managing watchers,

  • mentioning/commenting on pages.

These users will also reciev e-mail notifications for mentions, updates, etc.

To achieve the above operation, cases users will be assigned to the access group. Note, that these temporarily assigned users will count down to your available license seats and won’t be removed until the LO’s usual inactive user removal process.

Mobile view

License Optimizer will continue to work when the users log in to the app via smartphone. However, in this case, the users won’t get a warning message about their revoked access.

Jira Macros and linked Confluence pages

If the logged-in user does not have a valid license currently (since LO removed the user from the group) in either Jira or Confluence, macros or links will not be displayed.

Remember Me/My Login

Confluence saves the cookies when you check the "Remember my login" box during login. This means that you do not even need to see the login screen again when you close and reopen the Internet Browser, you will automatically be logged in due to the saved cookie. However, the cookie is revoked when you click the Log Out button/link & you will be forced to log in again.

Since our LO app will log out users, the remember my option won’t work since the cookie will be revoked and user have to log in again with their credentials.