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Timetracker for Jira Cloud

Easier, effective daily time tracking, fast and powerful work log reporting for JIRA

Looking for a convenient way to track time? Need to create reports with large amounts of data?

Timetracker for JIRA provides powerful reporting options to help you analyze your team's work. This app also brings an easy and fast solution for effective daily time tracking. 

Key features

  • Manage your worklogs on a simple interface designed for efficient daily time tracking
  • Manage your worklogs on a calendar screen
  • Simple (only duration) or detailed (start-end time) work logging mode
  • View time tracking values and the users' worked time aggregated for the selected month on the Issue view
  • Create detailed reports by pre-defined filters
  • Summarize worklogs by Projects, Issues, Users or other criteria
  • Roll-up booked hours to parent Issues or Epics
  • Timesheet view of the worklogs in a structured form
  • Display worklogs within a time period on a Pie or a Bar chart
  • Save, share and export reports
  • Dashboard gadgets

Easy Time Tracking

Timetracker greatly improves the way you can log work in Jira. Now, you can manage worklogs on a highly customizable, separate screen designed for time tracking.

Powerful Worklog Reporting

Create reports based on projects, filters, users or groups and view every work log related to the users and additional information about the projects and the issues.

Structured Timesheet Reporting

View the worklogs grouped by projects, issues and users in Timesheet reporting. Drill down to the details easily.

Worklog Calendar

Worklog Calendar enables users to view, create and manage worklogs easily on a calendar canvas. Users can manage work on daily, weekly and monthly calendar views.

Issue view

Totals and details of other users' worklogs logged to the issue are displayed on the Issue screen for the selected month.

Easy configuration

Configure the app easily based on your time tracking policy.