Baseline management

We are happy to tell you that we introduced a new baseline management for our Epic Roadmap in the version 3.4.0.

Create and manage your baselines

You can create a baseline about your actual roadmap with a unique name.

The created baselines will be displayed in the “Baseline” menu with their names and date time in a descending order. You can easily delete a baseline clicking on the trash icon.

Display baseline bars on your roadmap

You can select one of your created baseline to display the saved state of the bars. In this way, you can compare their schedule with the actual timeline bar schedule.

The “Show dates” and “Show duration” display options will also apply to baseline bars as well as current bars for ease of understanding.

Restore baseline

You can restore a selected baseline. As a result of the restore, all Epic Issues' Start and End date will be restored on the roadmap based on the baseline.