Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x

Before upgrading from version 2.0, we strongly recommend that you read the information below.

In version 3.0, we reworked how the application works with projects and boards and where users can configure each roadmap. These changes are necessary so that in the future we can implement the improvements we are planning for the application in order to give as much value as possible to our users.

What is changing?

From version 3.x the roadmap configuration will not be available in the project settings in a project, but each roadmap will be configurable separately in the corresponding board settings. This way, the roadmaps will be even more closely tied to the boards, allowing for much more granular setup and control for each roadmap.

Why is it changing?

Before 3.x version of Epic Roadmap, a roadmap was created for each available board in a project and users were able to configure roadmaps in the project settings for each roadmap tied to a board in that project. Due to this, there was no option to configure the roadmaps separatly for each board. Also, tying roadmaps for projects as well introduced a problem, namely that changes made to a roadmap associated with a board opened in one project were not affected and were not present in another project on a roadmap associated with the same board. For example, a marker created in the "A" project and on the roadmap tied to the "X" board did not appear if users opened the same roadmap tied to the same board in the "B" project. The same issue was present with the roadmap managers as well.

With the changes in the 3.x version, we eliminate these problems and provide a much more transparent, easy to understand and controllable concept for how the roadmaps work. Also, these changes will allow us to implement certain requested and planned features for the app in the future that have not been possible so far.

What should you expect after updating? How to prepare to it?

We tried to make the upgrade as convenient for our customers as possible and to ensure that there is no, or minimal data loss. However, as the application changes in its core concept, it is not possible to transfer the previously created roadmaps and their data as they previously existed. What the app does after installation is to merge individual roadmap markers created in different projects for the same board.

This means that e.g. if you have a roadmap for “X” board in “A” project, where you defined a “Y” marker, and you have a roadmap for “X” board in “B” project, where you defined a “Z” marker, then after the upgrade the roadmap for “X” board will contain both “Y” and “Z” marker as well, no matter which project you open the board from.

What data will be lost

However, the app cannot merge the following, so these data will be lost:

  • the roadmap project settings, so these will be set to the default for each roadmap in the new board settings page and users should reconfigure each of them

    • “Use global settings” option value

    • “Set Estimate by setting the duration” value

    • Selected “Datepicker format”

    • Selected “Start date” and “End date” custom fields

    • Selected users as “Roadmap Managers”

  • the saved manual roadmap orders that users created with drag and drop, so each roadmap will be ordered by based on the board filter order and users have to reorder manually if it is needed

Steps before upgrading

  • create a valid configuration in the global settings (that will be valid for each existing roadmap if it is possible) so after upgrading to the new version, there will be a fallback configuration for each roadmap

  • review your current roadmaps, create PNG exports about the current state, especially the Epic order

  • review your roadmap settings in each project, note what settings was applied to the roadmaps in that project

Steps after upgrading to the new version

  • reconfigure each roadmap (if it is necessary)

  • reorder each roadmap (if it is necessary)

  • check if the migration of markers from different roadmaps was successful

  • clear duplicated markers, if there is any


Please note, that we can't recover any lost data after the upgrade, but if you have a question, contact us on our support portal.

Downgrading from 3.x to 2.x version

If you upgraded to the new 3.x version but you do not like the changes or need more time to prepare the update, you can downgrade to the last 2.x version anytime. The 2.x version will still work with the older data, but it won’t show the changes you made when using the 3.x version.