User Settings

The Timetracker user settings can be opened by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner on any page of the Timetracker. The settings you make here will be valid for other pages in some cases.


Calendar appearance

Default date

The start date of the calendar can be defined. There are two options to do this:

  • Current Date - The current date will be set up as the default value.
  • Last Unfilled Date - Returns the oldest blank day of the past week by default. If each and every day is logged appropriately, then the current day is returned. When determining the oldest blank day, the plugin considers the list of exclude and include dates.

Calendar highlights

The calendar highlights function can be turned on and off. 


You can choose to display a compact button group or the days of the week for quick navigation and logged work information.



Input fields settings

Work logging mode

You can choose in which mode you want to log your work.

  • Detailed: The start and end time/duration of the work must be specified on the selected day.
  • Simple: Only the duration needs to be specified and the work will be logged from the configured "Default start time" on the selected day.

Default active field

You can choose whether the End Time or Duration field should be active by default.

Default Start Time

You can set the default value of the Start Time. (warning) Add time in a format configured in JIRA Look and Feel settings.

Show Remaining Estimate options

Check this if you want to display additional Remaining Estimate adjusting options. You can also turn this on or off on the Timetracker screen.

Period worklogs

Check this to show the period worklog options and administer regular tasks. You can also turn this on or off on the Timetracker screen.

Date/Time format

Time format

Time spent, time estimates, etc will be displayed in the selected format. You can choose between these two options:

  • Default: the configured time format in JIRA's Time Tracking settings.
  • Decimal: logged hours will be displayed in decimal number format.

Date format

Specify the date format here. (Eg.: DD/MM/YYYY) 

(info) For possible formats, review the Date/Time format page.

Time format

Specify the time format here. (Eg.: h:mm a)

(info) For possible formats, review the Date/Time format page.


Notification of future work logging

If you want to be notified if you've logged work in the future unintentionally, Timetracker will notify you. You can turn on/off the notification of future work logging.

Save, Cancel

  • Save: The settings may be saved by means of the Save button. 
  • Cancel: If the user selects the Cancel button, then he is redirected to the Timetracker page. In this case, none of the changes will be saved.